Carsons Garage

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Carsons Garage

Here, you can post any of your Rigs of Rods projects, good or bad! Let people know what you think, and ask for advice. Carsons Garage holds different cars! Every car is not on the origonal RoR website. Enjoy Carsons Garage, and get all the free cars you want!

I am adding this on Saturday, May 27 2017. I still get about one member per day on this website, even though it was made around 2012-2013. In the further future, a few years, (3-6) I will most likely do something else with Youtube, since I have the ability to popularize something (not to sound like a douche.) But if you do see this, my email is on the right, its still an active email and will always be. I check it almost daily, so any questions are welcome. So, I would like to say thank you to the RoR developers, (Now working with each other on a very popular project, (Not even a project anymore, now it s a game!) called BeamNG. People worth mentioning are Nadeox1, i knew him from the start, gabester, an RoR vehicle designer, and Kitteh2006 (I think its 2006, i forgot. Its been a while,) and some other forgotten RoR youtubers. Basically, and youtuber that featured RoR prior to 2010 is thanked. Even though this is dead to me, feel free to continue playing! I cant and its just too old for me in my opinion. Anyway... thanks for everything and stay tuned.

-Carson [Last name removed due to online ID removal], A.K.A Coolio LZ 8) (According to my weird signature i rediscovered, lol)

Take care.



If you still need/want to contact me, here are some ways:

Email - Removed everything, deleting online footprint that has to do with my real identity, keeping usernames. Message my spoofed number if its that important. Thanks.  (276) 595-3173

This was updated on October 13, 2017.